Subscribing to a Podcast - iTunes

This topic shows how you can subscribe to a podcast, using free iTunes software.


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If you don't have iTunes software, you can download it for free by clicking on the Download Now link at the following address:


NOTE: This tutorial assumes that you have copied a podcast feed link into memory. (see Testing Your Podcast)

If you don't have a podcast feed link, you can select and copy this one:


To subscribe to a podcast:


Open iTunes software.


Choose Advanced-->Subscribe to Podcast


In the Subscribe to Podcast window, enter in the link for the desired podcast feed. (We recommend copying and pasting the link.)

(Windows) Right click and choose Paste.

(Mac) Hold the CTRL key down, click and choose Paste.


The podcast feed link will appear in the window. Click the OK button.


In iTunes, the podcast should appear something like the following:

Click on the grey arrow next to the title of the podcast feed.


The individual podcast will display.

Double-click to listen to the podcast.


You can submit your podcast feed to the iTunes Podcast Directory. For more information on podcasting and submitting to the iTunes directory, see the Apple links in the Links on Podcasting topic.



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